Camping Caorle rules

The entrance of the camping requests a full knwledge and acceptance of the internal-rule system and all the regulations that the head-office will issue during the staying. 

When the guest will arrive he will need to go to the check-in office with a valid ID for himself and all the people in his group in order to be registered as required by the law. The guest has to check if the data registered is correct or not and he has to let the head-office know if there are mistakes and inform it about any variation on the booking in advance such as the change of pitch or the arrival and the departure of new guests. We will give to all our registered guests a wristband that needs to be worn for the whole duration of the staying.

 We will give to all our guests a control lable that needs to be shown to our staff any time they ask for it.

 Our guests have to show permanently the car pass in their vehicles in order to be visible to our staff.

 Pitches can be chosen by our guests following the saff guidance. Only one caravan or camper can stay in our Caorlina or Bragozzo pitch plus one car. It is possible to have a little tent too. In the Freedom pitches one or more tents can be positioned following the directions of the head-office.

 Our guests have to go to the head-office the day before the departure (from 8AM to 12AM and from 3PM to 20PM) for the final payment of the vacation and for giving back the car pass.

 The final counting of the days spent in our camping will be done counting the nights; the departure time is until 11 AM. If you’re even one hour late we will count a day more.

 If there are people who wants to come visit our guests at the camping, either friends or family, they have to give their ID to the check-in office and if their staying will be longer than 60 minutes they have to pay the entrance ticket that can be found in the payment section. We will give them back their ID when they leave our structure.

 A maximum of two pets per pitch or house are allowed. The pet needs to be kept on the leash and it needs to have vaccination, a health card and a microchip installed.

 The access of not authorized people to the camping will be punished by law.

 Harmful noise, harmful behaviors, games and activities that can disturb other guests are forbidden.

 It is forbidden to wash the dishes or to use the motor vehicles from 1PM to 3PM and from 11PM up until 7AM. Peace must be respected by anybody. If someone will come back to the camping after 11PM will need to leave his vehicle outside the camping. 

 Adults are responsible for their children who disturb the public peace, the security and the hygiene of other guests. Minor children are accepted only if they are accompanied by their parents or if they have a document declaring their own responsibility.

 In the camping it’s strictly forbidden: to dig or ruin the soil, to set open fires, only gas grill is allowed. It is forbidden to destroy the vegetation, to car wash on the ground, to put up fences, to tie hammocks or any other object to trees, to pull strings at eye level or install anything else that could be a potential danger and obstruction of free passage (Regioanl law n.56 of the 16/12/99 and municipal P.R.G.), to put up tarpaulins or any other cover system on trees or on the soil. (R.L. n. 56/99 and municipal P.R.G.).

 The head-office assumes no liability for damages incurred from different sources such as natural disasters, accidental events, fire, theft, pines’ falling, etc. The camping administration assumes no liability for missing, lost, stolen or damaged objects or for accidents caused by the guest himself.

 All the objets found in the camping have to be handed in to the head-office that will leave you the recepit.

 For complaints or information our guests have to talk direclty with the head-office.

 Behaviors which don’t respect rules and regulation can be used to expell the person from the camping plus the actions on the civil and penal front.

 Any rule not respected will be object of claim by our staff. The possible penalities will be charged to the specific guest.

 Do not leave electic devices on while you’re not around. Do not charge more that one device on the same plug. Do not use multiplugs.

 Inside the camping it is strictly forbidden to do any commercial, professional or craft activity which is not authorizedby the head-office.

 Do not use toilets during the cleaning times. Our staff will limit the unaccesible areas. After using the bathroom please try to keep it as clean as you found it.

 To connect objects to the electrical power socket of the camping, the electric system, the cable and the plug must comply with EEC norms. In every pitch there is only one power outlet.


 Reservations are acceppted from saturday to Saturday for minimum stay of 7 days. The management reserves the right to assign piches and Mobilhomes in its discretion.

 At arrival the pitch is available after 3:00 pm and Mobilhomes after 4:00 pm. The pitch must be left by 11:00 am and the Mobilhomes by 10:00 am on departure day. The reservation only becomes binding after the deposit is received by bank transfer. Delays in arrival time must be informed at the direction and otherwise, as to leave early lead to pay the full period booked. 

 Any delay of more than 24 hours in arrival, no press, will void the reservation. In case of cancellation of the stay, a voucher equal to the down payment will be issued, which can be used within the following year. No refund will be made if the booking is cancelled during the 15 days before the proposed arrival or in the case of failure to take up the lodging. The booked place can not be changed.