Enjoy the Sea

An active holiday by the sea

If you are looking for an active holiday, if you want to experience the sea in a deep and authentic way Caorle is the right choice. The many sea-related offers will satisfy your every need. Whether you are an expert or you want to approach for the first time the sport in contact with the sea, in Caorle, near our campsite you will find the most suitable activity for you. A healthy and active holiday is the best way to recharge your batteries and discover the sea.


Leaving the shore behind and sailing to the open sea, perhaps there is no better way to fully experience the contact with the water. In Caorle you can do it, if you've always wanted to drive a small boat you just need to contact a sailing school and make your dream come true.


Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wingsurfing, Wingfoil are different facets of Surfing, in fact in Caorle, it is a sport much loved by fans, especially when the sirocco blows in the fall and the bora or libeccio in the spring. If you are not an expert, but are curious to try it, you can rely on qualified instructors who will introduce you to this world.

Stand Up Paddle

SUP in Caorle is a simple and playful way to introduce adults and children to the sea. A paddle, a SUP board, an instructor and here is a sport within everyone's reach to do some healthy exercise and admire the beauty of our coastline from the sea.

Canoeing and Kayaking

For those who want to experience and combine physical activity with a privileged view, in addition to the aforementioned SUP, you can choose an adventure in a canoe or kayak. Using these practical and fast boats you can go into the most characteristic and hidden corners of the Caorle Lagoon.


If you like to fish on an amateur level, there are numerous opportunities to do so near our campsite. In Caorle you can fish not only in the sea, but also in the internal waters of the municipality, along the lagoon canals or rivers. However, there are rules that must be respected by anyone who wants to practice amateur fishing. If you want to go further afield in Caorle there is also the possibility to practice Sport Fishing.