Visit Venice

One of a kind

Directly from the Centre of Caorle you can take a boat and enjoy a little cruise to the beautifle Saint Mark’s Square in Venice. 

Venice will stunn you with spectacular spots and views of the canals and the ancient palaces facing the Grand Canal. You can decide whether to discover the churches, the palaces, the monuments, or to discover art by going to the International Art Exhibition called Biennale. You can also decide to spend your time going to local bars (named bacari) and drink a spritz while eating venitian cichetti. Getting lost in Venice is always the best choice.

There’s the stunning Venice of the great monuments, a secret Venice of the Courts, a silent Venice of the unknown areas (Ghetto and Castello) and an artistic Venice with the collections in the Accademia Gallery, Guggenheim, Palazzo Grassi. There’s also a young Venice with bars and pubs to have fun with your friends and family.

Somebody said that there’s not only one Venice but a lot of Venices reflected in the canals and in the eyes of everyone who has been there.