Sea and golden sandy beach

seafront Camping in Caorle

One of the deepest sandy shore of the north part of the Adriatic sea: on this beach overlooking the sea there’s the Camping Caorle. The beach was awared several times with the “blue flag” gained through the Fee-Foundation for Environmental Education. The last one was won in 2021.

The sea is crystal-clear, with low water so anyone can take a bath, even the non swimmers. The beach is under survailance of the lifeguards. The water temperature is warm so either swimming or taking a walk on the shore is always a pleasure.

On the sand dunes that protect the beach, the Camping Caorle overlooks the free beach, next to the equipped beach: with beach lounges, spaced umbrellas, chiosks..

For the diving passionates, it is possible to reach very easily the “tengùe”: a rocky area that before the fishing ban was used to be a place for keeping the fishing nets. It is a natural reef with a various marine life. There are a lot of scuba diving areas with floats for the immersions.